Be a Successful Forex Trader with Tenkofx

Forex trading is a challenging business and broker has an important role to help you reach your goals. Tenkofx is a reputable and trusted forex broker and different than any other forex brokers. As a premium forex broker, they give you trading tools and supportive atmosphere for traders.

You are about to use high quality tools but still easy to use. This is the reason why Tenkofx is a good forex broker for any types of traders whether for beginners or advanced. The platforms are also designed for traders to do all forex trading activities comfortably without anything to worry about. Their platforms achieve several awards and it shows that the platforms are useful and valuable for forex traders. Due to the high performance platform, this forex broker is served you with more currency pairs. In specific, you can trade with around 35 currency pairs. Interestingly, you are not only able to use Tenkofx as a medium of currency trading but also specific precious assets including gold, silver, metal, and many more. To make traders satisfy with their service, the forex broker is updating their platform regularly. One of their recent update is by offering new platform which accept crypto currency trading.

Now, you don’t need to get confuse to find the best place to trade crypto currencies because you know where to go. Let Tenkofx helps you to improve your skill and income through forex trading along with the most convenient atmosphere. The most important, your dream to have income from forex trading business will be come true and you can be a professional forex trader with the support from professional forex broker. Don’t choose forex broker without any strong consideration. Tenkofx has all of the qualifications to be chosen as a recommended forex broker and this is your time to take a chance to be a successful forex trader.

Tips to Make Money from Cryptocurrency Investments for Beginners

As cryptocurrency rises higher in value, more and more people start showing interest in cryptocurrency investment. Even though it is not a secret that investing in digital coins can be very risky due to its volatile nature, it seems like people are more focused on the profit it can make compared to the high risks. Actually, as long as you move carefully, and analyze the fluctuation of the market in trustable site like Coinmarkets, making profit from cryptocurrency investing is possible. You also can use these following tips to make a successful endeavor in cryptocoins investments.

Firstly, as a beginner, it is best to invest in major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. This is because those coins are relatively more stable so despite of the volatility of the market, the risk of investing in those coins are relatively low. Another advantage of trading major cryptocurrency is you can rely on its long term value. As a result, you don’t have to be afraid if you sell or buy the coins too late because the value is relatively stable.

Besides trading, participating in an ICO also can be a nice way to invest in cryptocurrency. The best thing about investing in an ICO is you also can take advantage of the purpose of the project itself. So, it is more than just selling and buying digital coins. There are many ICO you can participate in and some of them bring forward projects that have remarkable potentials. It means, if the project is successful and even grows bigger in the future, you as the investor also will get the benefits. However, you need to be very careful when choosing an ICO because not all of them are legit or profitable. Before investing your money, make sure to read the White Paper first and don’t forget to see who the people behind the project are. Cryptocurrency investment can be really profitable if you know what to do, so make sure to always be careful.

Who are the Most Powerful People in London?


As the capital city of the United Kingdom, it can’t be denied that London is one of the most powerful cities not only for this country but also for the whole world. This city is the seat of the queen and also the parliament of this great country. It is also an important business city, a top financial and trading hub of the world. No wonder that London is all about power. But do you ever wonder who are the most powerful people in this city?

It is quite hard to answer the question above. London is full of powerful people, from royalties to politicians, from academics to business people. Some of them are already well known while some of them prefer to keep in low profile despite their power. But soon, it will be answered with London Power 100. This is the list of 100 most influential and powerful people in London. This list is planned to be an annual list and the inaugural list will be published this March. This list is intended to give appreciation to the Londoners with wide variety of high achievements and power. It is also intended to provide information about who’s who in different aspects of life in this city.


How the London Power List is made? This initiative was led by the prominent businessman, Lewis Drazen and with curatorial process led by Nicholas Taylor, a leading lawyer. The curatorial process has been started since June, 2017, to determine list of nominees to be selected by panel of judges made of leading names from various fields. For the inaugural list, the selections process is near the final strage and ready for publication this March. The launching event will be including London Power 100 publication, awarding to 100 people who made into the list, and many other events.

The Ultimate Place for Freelance Graphic Design Job

Do you love dealing with graphic design? This job is indeed interested by many people. Despite it is so interesting, it can just enhance your level of creativity. More than that, in this internet era, being graphic designed is undeniably really promising. However, if you are one of them, you may find it confusing where and how to find the job. It is not bad then to join DesignHill. It is a side that offers freelance job for all the graphic designers whether you are already professional or still amateur. There are some reasons why applying job in this graphic design jobs provider is recommended. What are they?

First, you don’t need to be an experienced designer for this. DesignHill knows it so much that there are numerous raw talents out there who need to be trained. Besides, not experienced doesn’t mean that the works are not good. That’s why; DesignHill can be a starting point for you the fresh graduates or other graphic designers with few or even zero experiences. Second, the site is provided for any type of designers. Yes, it is no matter if you are a web designed, illustration designer, or whatever. As long as you are talented in it, DesignHill is just the best place for you. It is time for you to show the world your works and let them to buy the works from you.

Third, this is probably the most important thing; you are paid well. This is what you deserve. DesignHill offers you good payment for every work you make. There are some systems available here. You can just sell the ready graphic design you have made before. Meanwhile, you can also do the jobs given by the customers. If you are interested in this job, make sure to visit freelance graphic design job and follow the instructions provided.

Best Web Hosting for Business

Buying a web hosting service is an important business decision. Business world is turning into digital world and having a powerful website becomes very crucial. Good and reliable hosting is one of important factors for website performance and for that you need to make sure you only buy the best hosting service suitable for your business needs while also feasible in term of budget.

Getting the best hosting at best price is much easier said than done because there are many web hosting providers out there with many offers of hosting packages. Each and every of them claiming to be the best one in the field and able to provide the best solution for your business. Smart decision must be based on the fact but it would be time and resource consuming to collect information and compare one hosting provider with another. Thankfully, you no longer need to take that difficult road. Here in, you can find the most unbiased and trusted ranking for Top 5 Best Web Hosting Providers in 2017.

The Topbuilder’s team had been collecting information and reviewing performance of web hosting providers throughout 2017. Those providers are representing the leading names in the industry. The team compare the hosting packages, services, and supports as well as collecting feedbacks from actual hosting customers for more accurate review. Based on various inputs and selected criteria, this team ranked five web hosting providers with top overall ranking.

You can find the ranking on Topbuilder’s homepage. This ranking comes with brief yet very informative review on all five top hosting providers to help you learn why they are the best in the industry and what makes them the best options you have. With this kind of guideline, it won’t be difficult to determine th right hosting solution to support your business.

Design Hill as the Best Platform for Graphic Design Jobs

The fact that you’re reading this article is an indication that you’re looking for great graphic design jobs for freelancer. Being a graphic designer may not be easy, but it is definitely exciting and incredibly rewarding. Businesses of every shape and size are aware of the importance of a skilled and experienced graphic designer. Whether it is for their product or service advertisement, or packaging and many more.

A great graphic designer is not only skilled, but is also capable of guaranteeing the success of their clients. This may mean a lot of different things. But most importantly, they must be able to properly communicate what the brand has to offer. Not only that, they must also be able to influence potential customers to take action. But how do you put your skills to a good use?

We have heard it all, looking for a designing job when you are a freelancer is not exactly easy. If you have passion in graphic design, but aren’t sure whether or not to pursue it for this reason. Don’t worry, because there is graphic design jobs for freelancer that caters to your need as a designer. Interestingly, Design Hill also caters to the need of various businesses looking for professional graphic designers.

Design Hill provides a platform for businesses to post a description of the project they desire. Referred to as design contest, freelance graphic designers will submit their work for you to choose from. Once you have your submissions, you may choose the one you like. You may also get feedback and request for unlimited revisions so that the submission perfectly fits your project.

When you are 100-percent satisfied with the work, you may get full ownership of the graphic design files in question. From brand identity, to custom product design such as cups; Design Hill’s freelancers are more than capable to deliver. So what are you waiting for? Head over to Design Hill to post your graphic design jobs for freelancer.

Investing in the Hottest Property Project in Cambodia

Compared to other South East Asian countries, Cambodia may not look like the first choice for business investment. Even it is overshadowed by the neighboring Thailand that already becomes an industrial country or Vietnam, which in the past few years attracted huge amount of foreign investments. Cambodia is still developing and that what makes this country is still prospective for those who want to invest their money in business there.

Supported by the growing tourism industry, Cambodia is developing fast. Tourism related must be your focus when looking for business investment opportunities Cambodia. The fast number of tourists will increase property demand for rental purposes and no wonder, property development is booming. We are highly recommending a new property development project from Oxley & Worldbridge. The project is named The Peak, a 55 stories multi-used project. It is designed as the luxurious oasis in the middle of Phnom Penh. The Peak is a luxury condominium sharing the same location with Shangri La Hotel. The twin condominium tower offers magical view of the city and the Mekong River. The location is top notch, right at the centerpiece of the capital city surrounded by many places of attractions.

One reason to choose this property project is the reputation of its developer. Oxley & Worldbridge is a world renowned developer and the latest project, The Bridge, gained tremendous success with 100% residential units sold and 95% office units sold. The Peak is predicted to repeat that success story. Condominium unit will give highly prospective rental opportunity or you can also choose to invest on commercial spaces for rental opportunity or to run your own business. The Peak has been gaining positive responds in the property market so, be sure you won’t miss this big opportunity. One of the most prospective cambodia investment opportunities is right in front of your eyes. Grab it while it lasts!

Real Estate in Palm Garden for Investment

Palm Garden is an area where people are interested to live in. Sure, it is a way how you can enjoy the breeze of tropical atmosphere without going outside USA. The scenic of coast landscape around Florida also becomes another reason why staying here is really great. Having a house in this area is a part of lifestyle anyway. This house may not be a place where you can live in everyday. But every time holiday is coming and you want to take a rest for a while after the hectic schedule, this house is a place to escape. More than that, there are some tips you need to follow before starting to make an offer for a house or apartment.

First, it is about the price. Of course, it must be tempting when someone offers you to buy a house with affordable price. But you must be careful as well by checking the house’s background. In fact, there are now many cases of fraud with such properties as the objects. When you are so reckless to buy this house just for the price, there are big chances if you will be in a trouble later. Next, you must also consider the location. Particularly for you who choose Palm Garden only for a place to spend the holiday, it is much better if the location is strategic and near the tourism spot. You must not worry about the price which is probably higher than the others. it is even a good thing for long term investment.

Out of the housing probably already offered to you, here is Belize Secret Beach. It is an area of residence that offers you so many benefits once you have it. It is not only recommended for the beautiful landscape around but also a right choice for your property investment.

Fast, Easy, and Simple Solution to Create a Blog

Thinking about starting your own personal blog? Well, this is the right time to actually doing it! The blog can be an excellent tool of expression where you can share about many stories, express your thoughts on various subjects, and other things. Not only that, once the blog becomes more popular it can be monetized. There are people getting big income from their blogs, you can do the same too.

But of course, it won’t be easy to build a popular blog that generates promising income. You need to have huge web traffic and it can only possible when the blog is attractive enough. Interesting and highly updated content is a must but don’t forget the very basic, the website interface must be good looking and able to give visitors good experience. No, you don’t need to hire web developer with expensive rate to build the website for your blog. You can build a powerful, good looking, and intuitive blog with premium WordPress blog themes you can find at EasyBlog Themes. This is the one stop solution to create beautiful WordPress blog and website offering more than 40 premium themes. Those templates are built by expert developers optimized for powerful weblog.

Why EasyBlog Themes? All themes offered there are optimized to make it fast, simple, and easy to create and launch a blog. The theme is easy to use even for those without any coding knowledge. It comes with drag and drop visual builder and tons of shortcodes that the blog will be ready to launch within few minutes. That’s saving a lot of time and money. But more than just fast and easy, it also offers full support to make sure the blog is working optimally. It is including providing regular updates and 24/7 supports from professional team. There’s no more reason to hesitate. Start creating your blog today!

For His Glory and Honor

Pin button can be a very effective tool to support certain campaign. It shows that anyone wearing it support the campaign and let the message reach wider audiences. It can be used for many different purposes including for a church congregation. As the communion of faithful people, every church usually has certain theme for the congregation for each term and the pin button can be a tool to introduce it to all members of the church.

The pin button for a church event or church campaign can be the name and logo of the church with the campaign name. A popular option is using certain verse of the scripture used as the basis of the campaign. Give the pin buttons to the congregation and anyone wearing it shows they are committed to take part and support the campaign. It would be good to find other people wearing the same button. It will strengthen your faith and spirit to serve the Lord. Of course, the pin button must be visually attractive and good quality. The Lord deserves nothing but the best, doesn’t He? When it comes to the best quality custom buttons, you can always count on Just Buttons. This company is the leading producer of pin buttons known for its high quality products and very competitive price. From its base in Bradford, CT, it has been producing pin buttons for many different purposes including pin buttons for many church congregations.

Why you must order the button from this company? Just Buttons is a small company focusing only to pin buttons production and related products. It has team of passionate creative people who want to deliver only the best work. Moreover, it is very convenient to order the button from this company. You can do it online using the web app on its website. It only takes several clicks to complete and submit your order and it will be ready to distribute among the congregation the next Sunday assembly.